February 9, 2017

 BG Tribute at Frankies Jazz Club - Geoff Claridge (clarinet), Josh Roberts (guitar), Nick Peck (piano), Andre Lachance (bass), Bernie Arai (drums.

June 29th, 2016

Brad Turner (rhodes), Andre Lachance (bass), Bernie Arai (drums), Geoff Claridge (clarinet and composer)

Recorded by and used as promo for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival

February, 2014

Graham Clark (bass), Matt Choboter (piano), Andrew Thompson (drums and composer), Geoff Claridge (clarinet).

Recorded by Jesse Phipps

Probably June, 2015

Slipped Disc at the Roundhouse - Josh Roberts (guitar, leader), Craig Scott (vibraphone), Geoff Claridge (clarinet), Bonnie Northgraves (piano/trumpet), likely Michael Waggler (bass) and Alex Klassen (drums).

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